Why do French Bulldogs cry so much?. Here’s what you need to know

a cute french bulldog looking up

French bulldog owners expect their frenchie to bark and that’s for what dogs are notorious about ; they bark a lot. But when their frenchie starts crying, they get bewildered and start wondering why do french bulldogs cry so much?.

French bulldogs cry when they crave attention, feel lonely, hunger or thirst or when they feel a need to empty their bladder.

French bulldog puppies cry for a number of different reasons. They are smaller than most breeds, so they tend to get overheated easily; if you take them outside in the heat or directly from a hot place to an air-conditioned one, they will probably start whining. When they’re alone, scared, hungry or thirsty, they cry because it stresses them out! On top of these very valid reasons to cry like being overheated, scared, lonely or hungry etc. There could be other reasons like allergies that make them teary-eyed or cause blocked tear duct. You must find out the reason behind their crying, let it be visually or vocally. Here are some common reasons that will help you understand why do French bulldogs cry so much – and what you can do about it!

Reasons for a french bulldog to cry

In case if you are wonderibg why do french bulldogs cry so much? Here’s the answer to your question. French bulldogs may cry due to a number of reasons. You’ll be able to distinct those cries after sone time. Wheather it is due to lack of attention, hunger or thirst you’ll be able to differentiate them and act accordingly.

He wants your attention

French bulldogs are extremely sensitive and emotional, and they demand proper attention from you. They want to be your centre of attention, they’ll sneak into your bed when sleeping or they’ll try to help you in the kitchen and then you’ll end up helping them. When they aren’t around you and when you don’t give them proper attention, they’ll give vent to their emotions by crying. They do it so vecause they feel they deserve much more of your attention. Thry don’t have any concern with your work schedule, other duties because they don’t get it. They just want to be loved the way they love you.

He is frightened

Like every living being, frenchies get frightened when they are moved away from their parents, home. This particularly applies to the frenchies who leaves their home for the first time. They take their time to adapt to the new environment, new home. Once they do I’m telling you they’re the most adorable dog breed of all. So, don’t be worried if your new family member cries and takes time to adjust. It’ll be hard but it is worth it.

He senses your Feeling

French bulldogs sense and understand your feelings while human can’t. They sense it when you’re happy or when you’re sad. They emphatize with you and tries to cheer your mood up when you’re sad. Isn’t that’s all we want?. It makes them the most popular, adorned dog breed in the world.

He’s hungry or thirsty

Since, french bulldogs can’t feed themselves dog chowl on their own, they’ll notify you when they are hungry or thirsty. They’ll use different tactics to let you know that they are hungry even past dinner or lunch. It may be very challenging for you because I can bet you won’t resist against those cute little faces.

He needs to go outside

Remember when we all were kids, we used to cry so that our parents take us out. French bulldogs are just a smaller version of us, they too cry when they feel an urge to go outside. It happens when boredom overtakes them and they want to catch a fresh air.

Do French bulldogs cry with tears?

French Bulldogs usually don’t cry with tear while crying in frenchies is referred to as screaming or whining. But, they do cry with actual tears. It may be due to allergies or blocked tear duck.


French bulldogs are susceptible to number of allergies due to their flat-face. If french bulldog cries with actual tears, it could be due to an allergy. Environmental pollutant i.e dust, pollen, molds and several foods allergens in dairy products, beef can cause allergies. Symptoms include crying, whining, skin itching, vomitting etc.

Blocked tear duct

Blocked tear duct will cause water discharge from frenchie’s eyes. The water discharge may either be red or brown. Pollutant or allergies are the primary causes of blocked tear ducts. It lets the tear stream freely from frenchies’ eyes. In case of an infection, tears get yellow or mucusy. You must consult your vet in any of the aforementioned case.

Do French Bulldogs Scream?

Yes French bulldogs scream for real when they want to let you know about something they are unhappy about. Some French Bulldogs screams sound like human scream but it dffers from one frenchie to other.

Here’s a video of a french bulldog screaming due to sheer excitement.

What you can do to stop french bulldog from crying?

French bulldogs cry due to anxiety, loneliness, fear, hunger, allergies and any gesture of yours that could make them feel loved will be sufficient to stop them crying. For instance, if they are feeling overlooked, then you should spend some time with them. Distract them when they cry, play different games with them, take them on a walk with you. If they cry due to hunger, set a schedule and feed them corresponding to the time table. As for allergies, you should diagnose it and consult your vet asap.


In a nutshell, french bulldogs do cry visually or vocally and they do it when they feel lonely, anxiety, hunger etc. They may cry with tear too but that could be due to an allergy. By now you must’ve learned that why do french bulldogs cry so much?. I hope I’ve been able to answer your question.

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