Lilac vs Blue French Bulldog: Which is right for you?

When it comes to lilac and blue French Bulldogs, there are pros and cons for both colors. The beauty of French Bulldogs is that they come in so many different colors—and some of those colors aren’t their greatest friends. If your pup has a blue coat, then you know you have to be extra vigilant with keeping the color healthy. However, if you have a lilac French Bulldog then things might be easier for you! Let’s break down the facts on which one is best for you and let’s see who wins lilac vs blue french bulldog contest.

Lilac vs Blue French bulldog: Difference

Both lilac and blue french bulldogs seem similar until they get a bit older. Their coat seems similar and people fail to distinguish between lilac and blue french bulldog. Lilac french bulldogs get purple hue due to the brown gene that is absent in lilac french bulldogs. Blue color french bulldogs have brown gene that’s the main difference between the two color variants

Lilac French Bulldogs

Lilac french bulldogs winning the lilac vs blue french bulldog contest

Lilac French Bulldogs are a very rare color to see in a Frenchie. They are a beautiful reddish-purple color and look very elegant. These dogs are naturally a light-colored dog and are a light gold, cream, or light brown. This color is also known as fawn or apricot. While this is a light color, it is still considered one of the colored French Bulldogs. This color is not easy to keep clean, but it is a beautiful color for the Frenchie.

Weight and height:

The average weight for a lilac French Bulldog is 20 pounds and the average height is 9-13 inches.

Health concerns

It’s unique color raises some concerns about its health . Rare-colored frenchies face more health problems than typical ones. “Blue dog alopecia” is a skin disease, commonly found in diluted color dogs. Lilac-colored frenchies are also likely to fall victim to this disorder and its effects include hair loss, inflammation etc. Like other french bulldogs color variants, lilac-colored frenchies are brachycephalic, therefore they are susceptible to breathing problems, hip dylaspia etc.

Price worth

This is also a mixed color, which means it could have a combination of blue, red, and fawn in the coat. This could mean a few things: First, it could take more time to grow in and may be more expensive depending on your breeder. Due to its rare and unique color, it is too much expensive than other colors. You can buy it anyware from $6500 upto $30000. Second, it could also mean that it could be less healthy than other colors. The main thing that is different between this color and the other colors is that this is a lighter, more difficult color to keep clean.

Blue French Bulldogs

Blue French Bulldog

Blue French Bulldogs are often called “electric blue” or “powder blue” but no matter what you call it, it is a stunning color for a Frenchie! This is a dark coat color, which means it is a lighter shade of blue that is easy for the French Bulldog to maintain. This is the best color for new owners who aren’t sure what they are doing or if they don’t have the time to groom their dogs. This color is easy to keep clean, but it is important to note that this is a color that requires a lot of maintenance.

Height and Weight

As far as the average weight goes for this blue French Bulldog, it is about 28 pounds. The height for these dogs could be anywhere from 9-11 inches. This is a good weight for your French Bulldog and is a healthy weight to be in. This could also be a con if your Frenchie is a bit skinnier than the rest. This color is easy to keep clean and doesn’t require a lot of work.

Health concerns:-

Being a brachycephalic breed, french bulldogs suffer through a number of health disorders inclyding breathing problems, allergies, ear infection etc. Like lilac frenchies, Blue dog alopecia is common in blue french bulldogs. Therefore you need to pay additional attention to your blue french bulldogsto keep him healthy.

Price range

Blue French bulldogs are comparatively less expensive than lilac french bulldogs but still they are expensive than typical french bulldpgs. You can buy it anywhere ranging from $4000 to $10,000. If price is the standard, then lilac french bulldogs wins the lilac vs blue french bulldogs contest.

Prons of having a lilac-colored French Bulldogs

This is a lighter color and is easier to keep clean than a darker-colored French Bulldog. – This color is rare and hard to find, so if you want to be special and have a one-of-a-kind dog, this is the color for you! – If you have other light colored animals, this is the best color to have to match them. You can buy lilac french bulldog for selling it as people are over them due to their unique color. You can sell them upto $30,000

Cons of having a lilac-colored French bulldogs

This is a lighter color, which means it could take more time to grow in if your pup is still a puppy. – This is a rare color, which means it could cost more to have your dog groomed. – This is a light color so your dog could be more susceptible to bruising and bleeding if they are injured. There are some other health concerns associated with rare-colored dogs, so you’ll have to pay extra attention and care to lilac-colored frenchies.

Prons of having a blue-colored French Bulldogs

Blue french bulldogs are perfect pet for small apartments. Their unique color stands them outs from the rest of dogs. So you can boast your dog’s uniqueness, beauty. They are sociable, playful dogs and are often referred as Velcro-Dogs for their clinginess.

Cons of having a blue-colored French Bulldog

The con to blue french bulldogs is that could be with any other dog. But blue french bulldogs in particular are prone to a disorder called color dilution alopecia also referred as CDA. Therefore they demand extra care from your end which you wouldn’t mind giving. Apart from that, there’s nothing to worry about the breed.

Which is best

If we had to choose one color over the other, we would choose the lilac French Bulldog every time. We feel that this is the best color for many reasons. This is a lighter color, which means it is easier to keep clean. It is also a rare color, which makes it special. The only real con to this color is that it could take more time to grow in. But you have to keep in mind that these color variants demands extra attention and are way more expensive than typical french bulldogs. So, you have to decide which is best for you according to your budget, the time you can give them etc.


When it comes to lilac vs blue french bulldog, you can’t name a winner here. Both colors variants are unique and both have their pros and cons. They are unique colored, therefore they may come with some additional health risks. Make sure you’re comfortable with that before buying.

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