How to clean your french bulldogs’ ears?

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French bulldogs have short, sensitive ears that are also prone to infection. When their ears are blocked with wax or dirt, it can make it difficult for them to hear and even painful. Fortunately, clearing a French Bulldogs’ ears is not as challenging as one might think. But let’s first discuss why is it necessary to clean a french bulldogs’ ears and then head on to topic how to clean your french bulldogs’ ears?

Why should you clean your French bulldogs’ ears?

French bulldogs are susceptible to a number of health disorders due to the way they’ve been bred. Ear infection is another health disorder due to selective breeding and infacg ear infections is the second-leading cause of french bulldogs’ visit to their vet. They have bat-like ears that gathers more debris than any other dogs and they’re likely to have ear infection.

Symptoms of ear infections:-

Since french bulldogs are prone to ear infections due to the anatomy of their ears therefore you should have knowledge about the symptoms french bulldogs experience when they fall victim to ear infections. According to American Kennel Club, the french bulldogs experience the following symptoms:-

  • Unusual shaking of head, scratching at the affected areas
  • Dark Discharge from ears
  • Pain
  • Odor
  • Swelling and redness around the ear canal due to ear infection
  • Itchiness

How often should you clean your French bulldogs’ ears?

You should clean the outer parts of yours ears regularly to keep your frenchie away from ear infections. As for inner parts, make sure you clean them at least once in a month. Regularly cleaning the ears will keep you aware of their ears state and your french bulldogs will also get used to the process.

What do you need to clean a french bulldogs’ ears?

You can clean your French bulldogs’ ears by using cotton balls, ear cleansers and you’ll need a gentle hand ,wet clothes , wipes and snacks to assist the process. Snacks will distract your french bulldogs and you’ll have an easy time cleaning their ears. Make sure you don’t get harsh on them. Clean their ears gently.

Should you use cotton swab?

No, you shouldn’t be using cotton swab for cleaning your french bulldogs ears because it can shove the dirt or wax further down the ear canal which can encur ear infection.

Recommended Ear cleanser

We recommend Virbac advanced ear cleaner as it is the choice of vets. It works well with floppy ears, bat ears and with almost every dimensions of ears. It has a low ph hence it doesn’t affect your dogs’ ears.

How to clean your french bulldogs’ ears using Ear cleanser and cotton Ball?

There are two ways to clean your french bullsogs ears using ear cleanser. One with the use of cotton ball and the other without it. First let’s discuss how to clean a french bulldogs ears using ear cleanser without cotton ball

Method 1:-

  • Before starting the cleansing process, try to calm down your french bulldogs. Allow him to lay on your lap and make sure he feels comfortable there.
  • Clean the outer area of your frenchies’ ears with the help of a warm wet cloth until it is free of debris or dirt.
  • Pour the ear cleanser in the ear canal and allow your frenchie to shake his head after some seconds. Ear cleanser will melt the debris and wax inside your pups’ ear and it will come out gradually, disinfecting your frenchies’ ears
  • Look out if there is any debris left. If yes, then repeat the process.
  • When the process is done, reward your frenchie with treat or love.

We should also keep in mind that how bad or good the experience can be for them. This process is pain-free therefore we recommend using this method.

Method 2 :

This method incorporates the use of cotton balls. First of all, wipe the outer areas of ears as mentioned above until there is no debris left. Now pour some ear cleanser on cotton ball and place it in each of your french bulldogs’ ears. You need to massage it gently and make sure that the cleansing solution reaches the eardum. Keep doing this for a minute or so and then remove the cotton ball. Allow your French Bulldog to shake his head and the debris or wax will come out.

How much ear wax is normal?

Ear wax builds up in every healthy french bulldogs’ ears and small amount of ear wax infact protects the ear from infections. Also an excess amount of ear wax could lead to ear infection. But make sure you don’t strip away all the ear wax because it acts as a shield to ear infections. If you clean your frenchie’s ears too much, they will become more vulnerable to ear infections.

Should you trim inner ear hairs of french bulldogs?

Yes, you should trim or pluck excess hairs inside french bulldogs ears regularly because it will not only improve his hearing power but will also save him from bacterial infections.


In a nutshell, french bulldogs are prone to ear infections and you need to clean your french bulldogs ears to avoid it. Follow the process above, make sure you don’t get harsh on them during cleansing. Make them feel comfortable, be gentle and loving to them. After cleansing, award them with love or treats. I hope you have learned how to clean your french bulldogs’ ears. You may like to read the difference french bulldogs vs pugs.


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