French Bulldogs Dry Nose : How to deal with Dry nose?

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French bulldogs dry nose problems
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Frenchies are one of the most adorable dog breeds ever. From their button noses to their roly-poly bodies, these dogs have it all. But they aren’t without flaws, either. French Bulldogs have a very sensitive nose (hence their name). That means they don’t handle changes well. The slightest change in humidity or temperature can cause french bulldogs dry nose. And with the changing seasons and increased humidity levels in the summertime, this problem can only get worse. Here’s how you can ease your pup’s dry nose so they can breathe again and not constantly be taking breaths from a tissue after being outside or playing in the yard.

Why do French bulldogs get dry nose?

French Bulldog noses are naturally dry and so sensitive that even the slightest change in temperature or humidity can cause them to sniffle and sneeze. This sensitivity to changes in the air is what makes Frenchies ideal candidates for kennel life, and it’s also one of the reasons they’re prone to a dry nose. French Bulldogs have a high tolerance for heat and cold, making them perfect for outdoor kennels or in-door dog houses. Unfortunately, their low tolerance for humidity means that they’re prone to sniffling and sneezing in high humidity environments, such as during the summer. Low humidity levels in the winter aren’t a problem, but they can be a problem during the summer. It’s important to keep indoor humidity levels high in the winter so your French Bulldog doesn’t have to deal with too much dryness. Since indoor humidity levels are less predictable than outdoor humidity levels, you’ll want to try to keep them as high as possible.

Common reasons why your French Bulldog has a dry nose

As we mentioned above, french bulldogs are prone to dry noses due to their brachycephalic structure but there could be some other reasons for french bulldogs dry nose. These include sleeping, allergy , heating , dehydration, sunburn etc.


Allergies can be the reason behind your frenchie’s dry nose. As french bulldogs are suceptible to food allergies, seasonal allergies due to their brachycephalic structure so it’s likely that the allergens may be drying up your frenchie’s nose. French bulldogs are also allergic to plastic, so if you use plastic bowl then stop its use right away. You can try a bowl made up of stainless steel. If allergens are causing your frenchie’s dry nose then your frenchie will experience the following symptoms as well.

  • Watery or red eyes
  • Nasal discharge
  • Itchiness
  • Sneezing
  • Swelled up face

If your frenchie experiences any of the above symptoms along with dry nose, then you should consult your vet right away.


Dehydration can be the reason behind your frenchie’s dry nose. If dehydration is the problem, then your dog may experience the following symptoms :-

  • Appetite loss
  • Dry Nose
  • Vomitting
  • Dried eyes
  • Energy loss

If your frenchie experiences the above mentioned symptoms, then contact your vet as soon as possible. If the problem persists, then it can lead to kidney failure therefore make sure that your french bulldog intakes 28 ounces of water per day. If he avoids the water bowl, try adding something in water he likes.


We know that french bulldogs get cold easily and due to this it’s likey that they prefer to sleep near heaters or something hot to keep themselves hot. If he sleep near heaters, then the heat can dry his nose. It should be back to its normal texture after moving away from heat. Sane gies for summer, your frenchie can get noseburns so its preferred to use a sun block for its nose.


If your frenchie sleeps too much, then he is bound to have a dry nose. Most dogs prevent dryness by licking their nose, but this process stops when your french bulldogs sleep freque tly and shows dizziness.


Older frenchies are likely to have dry noses and there’s nothing to worry about it. Still you can keep it moist by applying moisturizer. If he’s young and has a dry nose, then diagnose the cause behind it. If it’s naturak then follow the following mentiomed remedies to keep it moist.

Is it okay if my frenchie has a dry nose?

While dry nose itself is not somwthing very alarming but it’s not even a good thing. It indicates that something in your frenchie’s body is changing. One more thing that if french bulldogs shows symptoms such as vomitting, diarrhea, watery eyes etc alongside dry nose then you should consult your vet and have a complete medical checkup of your french bulldog.

How to deal with Frenchies’ dry nose?

Well, the only way you can fix their dry nose is by diagnosing the reason and by fixing it out. Until the problem is diagnosed and fixed, you can do one thing on your own to make your furry friend’s nose get better. You can apply dog-friendly moisturizer or nose balm on his nose.

French Bulldogs dry nose home remedy recommendations

There are some home remedies you can try to but don’t forfet to seek your vet’s approval before doing so. Here are some of the remedies you can try.

Cocunut oil remedy

Cocunut oil is considered to be the most safest and effective moisturizer to apply on your frenchies’ dry nose. It is vitamin-rich and provides multiple benefits. It not only keeps your frenchie’s nose moist but will also increase skin elasticity. It’s recommened to introduce cocunut oil to your frenchie’s diet gradually because it can upset your frenchie’s stomach.

French bulldogs dry nose Olive oil remedy

I’m pretty sure that you do have olive oil by any means in your kitchen. If not, then I can say for sure that you applied it on your hair for healthy growth. You can apply it on your frenchie’s dry nose, paws , ears. Apply gently a small amount of olive oil on the dry nose and rub it gently until it’s absorbed. Even if your frenchie licks his olive oil-coated nose which he will for sure there’s nothing to worry about. If not anything it will promote healthier skin and fur.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is known for its healing property and it works wonder for human skin but it can also be safely used for dogs. You can apply it in small amounts on frenchie’s dry nose. It can also be safely applied to dog’s paws and skin.

Almond oil

You can safely apply almond oil to french bulldogs dry nose unless he’s allergic to almond because it can create further complications. It’s vitamin E rich and is used to treat itchy, dry skin.

Castor oil

Castor oil is composed of 90% of Ricinoleic acid and due to the presence of this important acid castor oil has got great healing power. You can it in small amount on your dog’s dry snout.

What not to apply on Frenchies’ nose?

You must note that there’s a big difference between human skin and dog skin. You cannot apply the same thing to your frenchie’s skin what you apply on yours. Some dog owners tend to apply vaseline, baby oil etc for skin problems but they are derived from petroleum products and contain harmful substances. Before applying anything, please consult your vet because the use of wrong thing can only create further complications


French bulldogs can get dry nose due to weather, allergies, dehydration etc but only if they experience the symptoms related to it. Apart from this, french bulldogsdry nose is quite common and can be dealt with by applying suitable moisturizer and balm. So, I hope you have found everything you needed to know about french bulldogs dry nose.


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