French bulldogs Common Health problems

French Bulldogs common health problems



French bulldogs are the most popular type of dog breed and everyone likes to have them as their pet.

But most people are oblivious of their health state ,so it’s better you know french bulldogs common health problems before opting them as a pet.

French Bulldogs are adorned, loved due to their smaller snouts and ears but somehow these lovable features end up causing common french bulldog health issues. 

A french bulldog having common health problems

A study in the Uk suggests that french bulldogs are more vulnerable to 20 disorders than any other type of dog breed. 

Most common french bulldogs’ health problems include listening disorder, breathing disorder(brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome), diarrhea, skin problems etc.

Here are the most common health issues french bulldogs suffer through.

Ear infection

French bulldogs are vulnerable to ear infections because of their flat compressed head which directly influences the ear canal.

The abnormal narrow ear canal in french bulldogs leads to the ear infection which can cause hearing disorders.

Ear infections can even begin in the early few weeks of age.

Redness inside the ears, rubbing, itching and swelling inside the ears are the effects common ear infection causes. 

So contact your vet asap you notice these symptoms


Diarrhea is a common health issue in french bulldogs because of their disturbed stomach.

French bulldogs are allergic to some foods like dairy products and they can disturb the stomach and cause diarrhea

Stomach upsets can also be caused by different viruses, parasites. 

Therefore, their diets must be monitored regularly to avoid complications .  

Stomach pain, difficulty in pooping, watery stools, weight lost, decreased appetite are some of the common symptoms diarrhea affected dogs face. 

Skin Allergies

French bulldogs are prone to skin allergies as it’s one of the most common health issues they encounter.

The most common skin problems french bulldogs encounter are food allergies and environmental allergies. 

Food allergies can be caused by the allergens in foods like beef,dairy products etc. When the allergens interacts with the antibodies found in the intestine of thr dogs, it causes food allergies.

Environmental allergens (mostly found in dust mites, animal dander, airborne poller andmold spores) have the same effect as that of food allergens.


Conjuctivitis is a common health issue in french bulldogs. It causes an uncomfortable and itchy eye-condition which must be treated at the right hour. 

There are considerable chances that french bulldogs may suffer from conjuctivtis because of their facial structure(small nose). 

Conjuctivitis can be caused by a number of factors including allergies, viral infections, tumors in eye region etc. 

The eyes may turn pink or green, discharge greenish liquid as an effect of conjuctivitis. If your dog blinks its eyes more than usual followed by the above mentioned symptoms, then you must contact your vet Asap.

Breathing Problems

Every other french bulldog suffers through breathing problems due to their flat compressed face. They are also referred as “brachycephalic”. 

Their narrow nastrils don’t allow them to breathe aptly which leads to breathing problems. Therefore, french bulldogs can’t run for too long as other dogs do. 

Breathing problems puts the french bulldogs in a very critical health state. So, early diagnosis of breathing problems is very essential. Symptoms include noisy breathing, breathing difficulty and snoring. 



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