Do french bulldogs get cold easily?. -Tips to keep them warm this winter

French bulldog wearing hoodie answeing to the question do french bulldogs get cold easily?

The important factor pet parents should consider before having french bulldogs as pet is that how they do in different seasons, do french bulldogs get cold easily?, do they get overheated easily?.

Do french bulldogs get cold easily?

Yes! They do get cold easily. Keeping French bulldogs warm during the chilly winter is a challenge for many pet parents. Bulldogs are prone to having difficulty staying warm because of the double-coated fur and the short snouted face with frozen nasal cavities.

A French bulldog’s sensitive skin makes overheating even more dangerous, which is why it is important to know how to keep your Frenchie cozy this winter. As a small-framed dog breed, they tend to get cold easily. In addition, their small nose causes heat from their body to escape much faster than other dogs. They also have a tendency to overheat more than other dog breeds due to a limited number of sweat glands and thin skin. If you have a Frenchie at home, read on! Here are some tips on how you can keep them warm during the chilly winter days ahead:

Why do french bulldogs get cold easily?

French bulldogs can’t tolerate the temperature extremes and therefore in winter they get cold easily. The reason for them being cold has something to do with their skin coat and inability to self-regulate temperature.

Single layer coat

French bulldogs is a single-coated dog breed having only top coat. Usually dogs have double layer coats, the outer one plays the role of a protector and the inner one plays the role of insulator. French bulldogs have only protective one. The absence of insulating coat causes them to be cold in winter. While, they don’t feel the absence of insulating coat in summer due to excessive overheating.

Difficulty in self-regulating temperature

Deaoite being a warm-blooded specie, french bulldogs are unable to self-regulate the body temperature. Warm blooded species regulates their body temperature but some warm-blooded species like french bulldogs can’t regulate their body temperature. It is due to different anatomy of the species. French bulldogs can’t regulate their internal temperature due to their brachycephalic structure.

How to keep french bulldogs warm in winter?

Here are some tips on how you can keep them warm during the chilly winter days ahead:

French bulldog wearing a coat and giving the answer tothose asking  do french bulldogs get cold easily?


The best way to keep your Frenchie warm is to provide a good blanket for the bed or couch where your dog normally sleeps. And, no, not just any blanket will do. Blankets that are too light can actually trap in the body heat instead of releasing it, which would create a warm but stifling environment for your dog. Instead, use a blanket that is thick but lightweight, like a fleece blanket. Fleece is warm but breathable, which makes it an excellent choice for your Frenchie. To add to the comfort and warmth of your blanket, you can also add a few layers of blankets on the top and bottom. You can choose to use a normal blanket or a soft fleece blanket. For the couch, pick up a couch cover that has a removable and washable cover. This will allow you to easily wash the cover when it gets dirty, while keeping your dog warm and comfortable.

Warm collars

There are a lot of different types of warm collars in the market, so you have plenty of options to suit your dog’s needs. Buckle collars are the most common warm collars, and you can choose from different materials like fleece, neoprene, and faux fur. Fleece collars are great for smaller breeds since they are soft and very easy to clean. However, they can be too bulky and warm for dogs like bulldogs with thicker fur. Neoprene collars are made with a stretchy material that is rub resistant while still providing a snug fit. Faux fur collars, on the other hand, are more decorative than functional. They are not very warm and can get dirty easily.

Hot water bottles

If you want to keep your Frenchie warm but don’t want to put them in a thick and bulky collar, consider investing in a hot water bottle. Hot water bottles are filled with warm water, so there’s no need to worry about it getting too hot and burning your dog. You can place it in the bed or couch where your dog sleeps, or you can even place it on your dog’s belly to keep them warm from the inside out. Both dogs and cats can enjoy the benefits of a hot water bottle. If you have a dog that likes to dig in their bedding and get their paws dirty, a hot water bottle is a good option that won’t get dirty as easily. Hot water bottles can be used on any surface, so they are great for beds, couches, and even car seats.

Snug swaddling

If your dog is younger and not able to wear a collar or a hot water bottle, you can also try snug swaddling your dog. Special dog blankets are available in the market that are designed to keep your Frenchie warm. You can even use a regular blanket, but make it a bit smaller than your dog’s size so it is not too loose. You can then wrap it around your dog to keep them warm. Before you do this, though, be sure to check if your dog is able to breathe properly. If not, you will need to take the blanket off until your dog can breathe again.

A word of caution: Do not use electric blankets or heating pads

Electric blankets and heating pads are not suitable for dogs or any pet, for that matter. While the temperature of these devices can be adjusted, even at the highest setting, these items can still be too hot for your dog. Find an old blanket or buy a new one, and you are good to go!


All dogs are susceptible to getting cold in the winter, but these breeds especially so. Because they often have shorter snouts than other breeds, they can’t generate heat in the same way that other dogs can. Instead, they need extra warmth from us! You should now be equipped with all the knowledge you need to make sure your dog stays warm and comfortable throughout the winter. You’ll need to consider the type of coat your dog has, whether they’re indoor or outdoor dogs, their natural body temperature and more. With the right gear, your dog can enjoy the season to the max!. By now you must have got the necessary information about do french bulldogs get cold easily?. You may want to read why do french bulldogs cry so much?


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