Are French Bulldogs Aggressive? 4 Tips to tackle their aggression

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French Bulldog is a small, energetic dog with a lot of spunk, but Are french bulldogs aggressive? . Generally, they aren’t of aggressive nature. They don’t show aggression unless they have been triggered to do so. Aggression triggers may include illness or injury, fear etc.

French Bulldogs have aggression concerns as any other breed.
In general, this breed is known to be an aggressive type of dog. In fact, they are often disqualified from participation in dog shows unless they have been extensively trained to address these tendencies.

History of French Bulldogs

The reason why they’re so prone to aggression is because of their history as working dogs. The ancestors of the French Bulldog were Bulldogs that were used for bull-baiting. This meant that their primary job was to go into the bull pen with a smaller breed of dog and attack the bull until it went crazy and started charging after them. So Are french bulldogs aggressive? You’ll have to read the article to find out.

Signs of Aggression in French Bulldogs

Like every dog breed, frenchies exhibit some warning signs before showing their aggression. They warn you to stay away from them by giving some hints and things get worse when you fail to get those hints. The most important aggression signs in french bulldogs are:

  • Growling
  • Barking from the gut which sounds threatening
  • Direct eye contact
  • Avoiding eye contact and physical contact(in case of fear based aggression)
  • Snarling(growling with bared teeth)
  • Raised hackles in one’s frenchie

If your french bulldog is young and exhibit these signs, it’s not certain that he would be aggressive because young frenchie often exhibit such signs. But if he is older, then you should look out and adopt measures to tackle his aggression.

Types of aggressive behaviour

French bulldogs exhibit different kind of warning signs depending upon the action which triggers aggression. Usually french bulldogs exhibit the following aggressive behaviour

  • Territorial Aggression
  • Protective Aggression
  • Sexual Aggression
  • Possessive Aggression

They show different behaviours before giving vent to their aggression.

What triggers the aggression in French Bulldogs?

It is essential to know that what causes or triggers the aggression in french bulldogs. Besides their genetic aggressive background, there are a number of factors that cause aggressive behaviour.

  • Fear can trigger aggression in French Bulldog. Your frenchie may feel frightened by strangers, other dogs, firework etc. It depends on the way it’s been raised.
  • French bulldogs are loyal and they tend to guard their home. Frenchies may get aggressive when you try to pick their food bowl. Possessive frenchie may snarl when you play with their favourite toy.
  • Illness or injury may render your frenchie aggressive due to the discomfort and pain. Pain is the primary cause of french bulldog’s aggression which may be caused by bone fracture, internal injuries, inflammation etc.
  • Lack of socialization may render french bulldogs aggressive. To prevent this, you should expose french bulldogs to new people, things etc.
  • Genetic inheritance determines the behaviour of french bulldogs. If two aggressive bulldogs breed together, then the resulting frenchie will also show aggressive behaviour.

How to curb aggressive behaviour in french bulldogs

Aggressive behaviour in french bulldogs can be lessened by uprooting the causes. Here’s what you can do from your end to eliminate aggression.

Consult a vet

If you think that health problems such as inflammation, internal injuries is what triggering aggressive behaviour, then you must consult your vet. Pain is found to be the primary reason of french bulldog aggressive behaviour and if it can be eradicated somehow then their aggression can be lessened to a great extent now.

Socialize them

French bulldogs may get scared by the presence of fellow dog, strangers around them. They may also feel uncomfortable at a place unfamiliar to them. Then, they give vent to their fear in the form of aggression. This problem surfaces due to improper socialization. When young, they should be exposed to new experiences, people, places so that they may feel at home with them by the time they grow up.

Avoid their Triggers

If you want to lessen their aggressive behaviour, you’ll have to avoid the triggers that causes aggressive behaviour. For instance, if your dog doesn’t feel safe among strangers, don’t force it to be among them. For a moment, you must avoid any action that may trigger their aggressive behaviour. If it is alarmed by the presence of other dogs, don’t take it near them.

Wear them out

Frenchies, like any other living being need to give vent to their energy. If they do not outlet their energy in some productive means, they’ll end up doing so other way. Taking them on a daily walk is a great way to burn off their energy. Besides, you may engage them in a bunch of different activities incorporating games.


French bulldogs are not usually aggressive but they may get aggressive depending upon the situation. However, young french bulldogs can be trained not to be aggressive by exposing them to all sorts of experiences, places peoples etc. In a nutshell, their behaviour depends upon the environment ans how they’ve been raised. I hope you’ve found the answer to Are french bulldogs aggresdive or not?.


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